laser engraving

Our technology

We make use of state-of-the-art Fiber Laser technology. This allows for engraving into various metallic surfaces and not merely mark on top of them. This machine delivers results that are extremely precise and highly detailed.

Whether it is a special message on that piece of jewellery, a tool that you want to mark with a barcode, or even a piece of granite. This system can do them all!

Personalised Pieces

Whether it’s a special message or a unique image, our experienced designers can personalise your piece to your specification. If an image is required, email us a black and white (no grey) image and we will laser it onto your piece. We have a wide variety of fonts for personal messages

Other applications

Dog tags, Barcodes, pet tags, flasks, the possibilities are endless. We also stock a range of steel gifts that you can select, we will personalise it for you.

If you have metal tools that need to be permanently marked, we can assist.

we can also engrave QR Codes, barcodes, series numbers and many more.

Below is a short list of what we can supply, we are adding all the time.

Services to the South African Knife Making community

We have had the honour of working with some of South Africa’s best knife makers. We are honored that they have enough trust in us to work on their beautiful creations, often worth many thousands of Rand’s.

We offer the following services to knife makers:

  • Logo (makers mark)
  • Graphics on blades and bolsters
  • Engraving on blade (dates, messages and images)